You just got married. You aren’t sure if you want to say yes to having an engagement session. Maybe you’ve never had any type of professional photos done or maybe you think it will be a waste of money. Do you really need have one? Or can you just wait to take photos at the wedding? Here are 5 reasons to have an engagement session.

1. You get to see what your photographers shooting style is like and what they’re like.

This is helpful because if you get used to how your photographer works and that allows the wedding day portraits to go more smoothly. You’ll be used to their flow, how they pose, and their vibe during the shoot. Your photographer is the only vendor (besides the videographer) that is going to be with you the entire day. You don’t want to feel awkward having them hang around photographing you all day. But if you spend the time with them during your shoot and you get a feel for their vibe and you get to see a preview on what to expect of your wedding photos, its a set up for success. Having a session done before getting photographed on your wedding will help you both loosen up as well.

2. You get to have your hair and makeup trial to see how it photographs

What a better way to know what to expect for wedding photos than getting photos done all done up like you will be on your wedding day! Plus, you’re going to get your trial done anyway….why not get some photos out of it instead of just going out a few places and then taking it all off.

3. It can make for a date night!

Since you two are both looking your best already, you could totally make a date out of it. Go out and show out! Plus getting your photos done gets you in the mood to be lovey and fun with your partner. It’s the perfect foundation for a date night.

4. Selfies are cool…..but you could use a better phone background 😉

Not only can you update your phone screen, but you can add some photos at work or around your home to look at when you miss your honey. It makes your work space more personal and your home more homey.

5. What a better time to get professional photos done than when you get engaged!!!

You just got engaged and you feel the happiest you’ve ever been up to this point. All the love and emotion happening right now makes for some of the best and most intimate photos that the two of you can have….until the big day!

If you hire me for your wedding, you’re in luck because my wedding packages already come with engagement session for these reasons. I think engagement sessions are so valuable and important to have. Having an engagement session adds to the experience of hiring a wedding photographer and can even be decor at the wedding! You can get your engagement photos printed and displayed at the wedding for that extra personal touch.

See an engagement session here.

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February 24, 2022

5 reasons to have an engagement session




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