If you scheduled your engagement session and now you don’t know what to wear….keep reading! Below are some tips on how to choose what to wear and not feel so overwhelmed by it.

First, stay true to your style.

For engagement sessions, you get two outfit changes. I recommend you make one of those something formal (since getting photos done is not something you do often) and one something you’d wear on a date night.

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Wear patterns & solids

One of the easiest tips I have to match but not be too matchy is to mix up patterns and solids. Whatever solid color you have on can match with any of the colors that the pattern your partner is wearing.

Colors that photograph well

Darks – black, navy, greens, deep reds. Lights – creams, blush, tan/beige.

Colors that don’t photograph very well: neon /super bright colors, all white outfits are risky at times in bright sun because they tend to reflect significantly.


stripes, polka dots, and plaid can all look good photographed but be careful not to over do it. Stick to only one person wearing a pattern and don’t mix up the patterns.

field couple session at golden hour

How to wear the same color

Wearing the same color can look good together if the color is on a different article of clothing than the other. For example, if you want to wear a blue shirt, the other can wear blue bottoms (skirt, pants, shorts). So you match, but not too much. Another option would be wearing an undershirt the same color as the partners shirt or sweater.

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Clothing with texture photographs really well. Mixing up and using different fabrics add a nice touch.

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Make the best of wearing white

If you decide to go with a white color, try making it a pattern rather than a solid. White isn’t a bad color to wear, its actually super easy to match with it. You just want to try not to look washed out.

snuggly golden hour couple

Keep location in mind

If you know where you’ll be shooting, that helps with what you can wear. Does what you want to wear make sense with where you’re going to have your photos taken? Will you be able to walk around in that location with certain shoes? Lastly, would the colors go well in that location?

Neutrals are a go to

When all else fails, neutral colors look great together different shades. These are really easy to wear anytime of the year and with almost any type of background. They also help make your photos have that creamy look.

indoor intimate engagement session

It’s really easy to overthink what you’re going to wear, especially for photos. I hope this list of tips are helpful and can take some pressure off. 🙂

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April 9, 2020

What to wear for your engagement photos



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