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I believe that photos don't have to be boring. I do my best to make getting your photos done with me more of an experience and unique to who you are.

Put your full trust in me I promise it will be a good time and you'll be doing a double take, asking yourself if that's really you in the photos. My overall goal is to provide an environment that allows you to let loose and get comfortable. 
When it comes to weddings, I am like a fly on the wall watching for every tear falling and every genuine burst of laughter. I don't try to document something that didn't happen. But I will help with my thoughts on lighting and locations.
I whole heartedly believe that photography is one of the most important investments of your wedding day because the flowers will die, the decor will be put up, and the venue will be cleaned - but the photos are going to last you a lifetime. I'm confident in giving you beautiful photos to to be able to relive it perfectly.

photographer |  cat mom | plant lover | reader | lifter

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I grew up with a big Mexican family (youngest of 10) and I noticed, from a very young age, that my mom had this obsession with hanging up photos all over the house. After losing my brother and only have a baby photo to remember him by, it really showed everyone how important photos are. So In my teen years, I took over making sure each individual family had their photos updated every year. 


Knowing from experience how important photos are and understanding the emphasis on this once in a lifetime type of day, my promise to you is to treat your wedding as important as if it were mine.

I never felt like the cool Pinterest Photog. Don't get me wrong, the mood boards are super cool and I love to look at them. But I don't get my inspiration from that. I get inspired by you and how you show each other love. I get inspired by your favorite places and the things you like to do together. Seeing you in the space that is yours and how you two exist in it.

But mostly, it's the way you love each other, and who you each are as a person. I get inspired by the little moments that happen in between the poses that you might not realize are noticeable. 

I would say my approach to photography is modern and even classy. I wait for the right moments to throw in those poses that will surprise you and make you feel confident. 

What inspires me

Every wedding is different and i'll never try to document them to be like another. Your day is different, special, and should be documented that way. 

I take my time with your details. They matter just as much as any other part of the day and I know the time it takes in choosing your shoes, picking your colors and your flowers, and all the thought out details that took time. I make the most of what you give me. 
Coming from a big family, I know that you'll want as many photos of your family joining you for such a special day. I make myself available to everyone that wants to snap a picture. 
 I can make sure to document everything and everyone that is important to you and not waste any time on whats not.

And I can get as wild and carried away as you'd like with the portraits of the two of you while you are on cloud 9 that you want me to. I bet you're so ready to change that profile pic huh????

I show up excited, ready, and full of energy from the caffiene I had on the way!

Behind the Lens

- you can catch me watching a scary movie any given day of the year
- i'm currently working on making my own library. i love collecting and reading non-fiction, self help/mindset, romance, or thrillers.
- i have as many plants that can fit in my apartment as possible and will definitely get more when i move to a bigger space.
- i am a cat mom but i can't wait to add dogs to the family! 
- i love lifting weights and going to spin class. 
- i'm an extrovert and get my energy from being around people. Its probably one of my favorite things about my job. 

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Every communication with her reminded me that she cared, listened, and was flexible. She took my engagement and wedding pictures and every experience was truly wonderful and intimate. Not only was she everything we were looking for, but her photos blew me away!

yareli & martin

She was so supportive and always encouraging through the whole process! She would guide and pose us, laughed with us, and she would show us how the shots looked after snapping them and it gave me more confidence!
She came to our house for our secret elopement and I didn’t feel judged or stressed (because our house was crazy with decorations laying around haha!) and it was like she read my mind, she took every photo variation that I wanted!

lilllian and jerald

Cristina was amazing and incredibly helpful! She goes above and beyond for her clients. I can’t say enough about how professional Cristina is and the quality of work that she provides. We love how our wedding photos turned out!

Lauren & Dre

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"Cristina is laid back, very welcoming, & sweet. She made us feel as comfortable as we could be, as any where else. We’re beginners at this so we had no clue what we were doing and felt so akward, but Cristina made sure we didn’t feel that way and she made sure she made it fun for us." 

Erin & Kenji