Photos don't have to be boring or the same every time. I do my best to make getting your photos done with me more of an experience. If you put your full trust in me I promise it will be a good time and you will be happy with the results! You might even break a sweat... If you need liquid courage, pep talks at the beginning, or slow transitions to ease into getting comfortable, then that is what I will make happen!
When it comes to weddings, I am like a fly on the wall watching for every tear falling and every genuine burst of laughter. 

My overall goal is to make sure your photos are full of personality and show what your love is like with a bonus of plenty of flattering poses!

I'm Cristina!
& I believe that



01. I have over 20 plants
02. I am a cat mom but I love dogs too and can't wait to have a yard for one
03. I love reading thrillers and contemporary romance books
04. I watch scary movies all year long and i am always in the mood for one
05. I love lifting weights
06. I am equally a coffee and energy drink type person 
07.I am an extrovert and get energy from being around people and love socializing! Its part of what makes me love my job so much!

fun facts we may have in common:

After losing my brother and having only his baby photo to remember him by, photographs became a big part of my family. We always made sure to update our yearly photos and I was always the one to take them. Even though my mom's walls are covered in photographs, she cherishes that picture of my brother like no other. I've seen first hand how important and priceless photos are.

When I shot my first wedding, my passion for photography crossed paths with my obsession of romance movies and love stories! I am a sucker for love and a total softie. 

the girl behind the camera

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