I'm cristina

I'm a daughter of immigrants, who was always told I should go to college and get a degree. After losing my brother and having only his baby photo to remember him by, photographs became a big part of my family. We always made sure to update our photos. Even though my mom's walls are covered in photographs, she cherishes that picture of my brother like no other. I've seen first hand how important and priceless photos are.
When I shot my first wedding, my passion for photography crossed paths with my obsession of romance movies! I am a sucker for love. I come from a very old-fashioned traditional, and hard-working family. We don't tend to show love and affection to one another very much. Shooting weddings multiplies what romance movies are. 
There was something about seeing REAL love, REAL couples and hearing their REAL stories.
                     It was better than the movies. 

"cristina brings energy and life to every shoot while creating a warm and inviting environment" 

no. 2

if i could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, i'd go to portugal!

no. 3

the bachelorette, wine, and french fries
are my guilty pleasure

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