I grew up with a big Mexican family (youngest of 10) and I noticed, from a very young age, that my mom had this obsession with hanging up photos all over the house.  After losing my brother and only have a baby photo to remember him by, I realized just how important photos were. In my teen years, I took over making sure each individual family had their photos updated every year. 

After I shot my first wedding, I knew that this is where I was meant to be. & If money didn't matter, This is exactly what I'd be doing. I take in every wedding as important as if it were mine and show up to each one ready for anything that happens. I want to make sure that you can re-live your day perfectly and that the generations that come can feel a part of it too.

Hey, I'm Cristina



01. I love plants and I honestly lost track of how many I have.
02. I am a cat mom but I love dogs too and can't wait to have a yard for one!
03. I love reading. thrillers, romance, and non fiction is usually what I go for.
04. I watch scary movies all year long and I am always in the mood for one
05. I love lifting weights. its the BEST way to clear my head.
06. I am equally a coffee and energy drink type person, depends what mood I'm in.
07.I am an extrovert and get energy from being around people. It's part of what makes me love my job so much! You can see me chatting it up with just about anyone at your wedding.

fun facts we may have in common:

 I believe that photos don't have to be boring or the same every time. I do my best to make getting your photos done with me more of an experience and unique to who you are. If you put your full trust in me I promise it will be a good time and you'll be doing a double take, asking yourself if that's really you in the photos. 😏
When it comes to weddings, I am like a fly on the wall watching for every tear falling and every genuine burst of laughter. When needed I don't shy away from rounding up large groups to get photos done on time.
I whole heartedly believe that photography is one of the most important investments of your wedding day because its the only thing you have left after the day is over. and I'm confident in giving you beautiful photos to relive your day over and over. 

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