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- Making sure your photos are safe with a solid backup process

- Being quick with my replies

- Updating you on all things always so you have peace of mind

- Using my experience shooting weddings to create a perfect photo timeline and help choosing trustworthy vendors

- Hearing you out to make sure I know whats important

- Prioritizing you and your wants + needs

here's what you're investing in

From the first message you send to my inbox, you can trust that there will be speedy communication, you will always know what's coming next, and your photos will be safe on the backend.

I want the best experience for you and what means from me is:





I know you're so excited to see your photos!
That's why I send you sneak peeks the very next day!!! 

Waiting for the full gallery might as well feel like an eternity....
but you'll have your wedding photos back in 3-4 weeks max and regular sessions within a week. I'll work hard on your edits without compromising them.


A tangible heirloom album that can be passed down to generations. To sit on your coffee table so you can don't have to pull your phone out to display your wedding photos.

+ wedding album 

Multiple locations, local and adventure options.


i'll be there to capture every moment thats important to you. nothing more, nothing less.  

+ 6,8, and 10 hour packages

To ensure we get all the photos you want plus enough time to capture the magic in candids. 


ready to be downloaded and shared with anyone sent via an online gallery

+ all of the best edited digitals 

26 pages full of tips, recommendations, a wedding planning checklist, etc. 


packages  include 

clients typically spend $2,800-3,700

Get in touch for full price guide

I make the family photos quick and painless. So everyone can get back to the party. & I'll always make myself available for any photos not planned ahead for or for anyone that arrives late. 


I'll always be on the lookout for tears being shed, belly laughs, big hugs, and reactions. 


I look for your details to begin the detail shots all while catching candids of everyone during the fun getting ready moments. 


I show up and introduce myself to your friends and family to make sure i make everyone else feel comfortable and let them know what they can expect as well as ease their mind. 



Chelsey & Jia

“Cristina is as good as it gets when it comes to photography! Our photos for the engagement session and wedding were beyond phenomenal! Not only did she take great photos, but our locations were amazing! We received sneak peeks within 24hrs and she kept us informed as she completed the other photos. I am beyond happy that we selected her to be our photographer, her work speaks for itself! Her passion definitely is on display as she captures every photo!.”

There's nothing wrong with a posed photo - done right.

When I pose my couples, I direct with prompts that make for great poses that feel more natural. All while looking out for in between moments that you don't realize you naturally do when you're around each other. 

The direction I give involves a lot of movement to make it more fun and also create artsy shots for you. 

the perfect mix of candid and posed


My process when I edit is looking at every single photo I take and choosing all the best ones, without the duplicates. I'll never hold a good photo back! I improve the vibrancy, lighting, all while keeping it true to color and timeless. I will carefully work on your photos without rushing but working hard to get them back to you quick. :)

my EDITING process 

ready to book?

True to color and timeless


An Intimate Celebration

Sometimes you want to just say heck all the big celebration and bring only your closest people to witness this special moment. Elopements may look different depending on what you're dreaming up. 


Because your love deserves to be documented.

I'm a big advocate of documenting your love often. New homes, new milestones, you'll want to remember all of it, as its part of your story! 

Local & Adventure locations 

a live photo

but different

GIFs bring your photos to life and make getting your photos back that much more fun! I love making these for you.

let's work together