Hannah & Jay love plants and coffee so they had the first part of their engagement session at Bayly’s Botanicals. A bonus is that it’s connected and in the same building as The Gathering Place Coffee. So they got some photos taken at both! They are friends with the owners so they were able to get in on Sunday, when they’re usually closed. This was so nice because they were able to be completely alone and more comfortable during their session. Obviously they are big plant lovers and this is their favorite plant shop to purchase plants. It’s a part of their story and important to include in an engagement session.

Part two was at Oklahoma Baptist University – a place that is really special to them.

They met at OBU and both work there as well. That’s where they spent most of their time and they hold it near and dear to their hearts. It’s always been a big part of their relationship. This is something to consider when choosing a place for your engagement session.


Hannah is from Oklahoma but Jay is actually from Texas! It was because of College that their paths were even able to cross. He’s still a proud texan and even though this is where their relationship started and it means a lot to them to live here, they actually planned to move to Texas right after getting married! They brought some fun coffee cups to include in their session to show this. 🙂

If you love plants and coffee and its a big part of who you are or what you do and enjoy as a couple….

Consider incorporating this into your session! And if it’s not you then I end up finding out what it is that you enjoy doing together or that makes your relationship special. I like to incorporate whatever that is into a special session like an engagement!

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February 10, 2022

Plants and Coffee Engagement Session




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