Daniel & Alejandra wanted a *just because* couple session.

It was their very first one and first time being on the other side of the camera. They’re both videographers and we have actually gotten to work together. They have great chemistry so I knew that just getting them comfortable would allow us to create some beautiful photos and have a great time! They wanted an open field for their couple session and I knew of the perfect one in Norman.

It was the first time for both of them needed a little extra help……so I brought tequila! You’d think that being behind the camera all of the time and easing your clients nerves would make you an expert on the other side. It’s actually so different! It really helped them ease up and they quickly forgot what they were ever nervous about. I saw them completely get lost in each other and have a great time.

The process

I always start with lots of movement to ease couples into the poses. After having them each take a shot, I had them walking around and just talking to each other. The kiss on her hand was totally unprompted and I am so glad I caught it.

Once I see that couples are getting more comfortable and a little out of breath from all of the active prompts I give, I go for the slower and more affectionate prompts. That is, if the couple is the type to be overly affectionate and they usually do PDA.

There were several moments where Daniel just did what felt right which is what my goal ALWAYS is. I want your photos to show how you two are as a couple as much as possible.

Alejandra changed outfits into a flowy and loose dress that matched well with Daniel’s shirt. This is one of my favorite tips for not being too matchy but still matching well together.

They ended up giggling the whole time and you would think that they completely forgot that I was there when I was directing them. Although, I didn’t have to do too much of it. It’s different with every couple and sometimes I won’t need to do much directing.

This is a great example of not always needing to have a lot going on in the background to have good photos. Sometimes just an open field is a great spot for a couple session and this one in Norman is my favorite one!

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January 30, 2022

Norman Field Couple Session




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