Celebrate your love often by having a just because couple session! Erin & Kenji decided to have their couple session on a rooftop. They wore some outfits true to who they are and what they would normally wear which is one of my tips on what to wear for photos. They had on some sick sneakers, since they are big sneaker people. On the questionnaire I sent them prior to the session, they mentioned starting a new hobby together. They started rollerblading and I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate that in their session. Toward the end, they then changed into their rollerblades! They had recently started roller blading as their new fun thing to do together and I recommended they bring their skates to make some memories of this new journey they’re taking together!

The rooftop was not only perfect for the views but also, it has a full parking lot with not many cars parked up there so they had plenty of space to skate around and get some practice in.

I was running backwards as they skated toward me in a downhill and we were all out of breath from laughing so much.

Do the couple session just cause you can!

You don’t always have to put in lots of effort when you have a couple session, sometimes it’s more fun to do it for no reason and to do something during the session. They stuck with one outfit and one location which is what you get with a basic, anytime couple session. Erin & Kenji chose the perfect time of the year to do their shoot during the spring. These two had so much fun and couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. It also wasn’t their first time shooting with me. They’re all about not only taking photos, but they also love to print them and hang them up in their home.


February 1, 2022

Rooftop Couple Session




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