What better place to take summer engagement photos than at the lake?!

Martin & Yareli live near Foss Lake so we decided to use that large portion of the area and surrounding spots for their engagement session.

Since the lake was basically in their backyard, we rode together and I used this time to chop it up with them and get to know them even more. Getting some time to talk with couples helps the process of making them more comfortable. When we arrived to start shooting, they were so ready and they seemed like they’ve done this before. They brought along their son and dog to the shoot to get some photos of the whole family first! I’m all for doing this especially if you don’t get photos taken often, I mean why not!

We then explored around the area until we eventually got to the lake just in time for sunset photos. I had my speaker playing on me the entire time and threw in some of their favorite songs.

She decided to wear a dress for both outfit changes that were totally different colors but each complimented the spots I photographed them at so well.

They were so into their session and I was loving the connection they were able to show so we stayed out until there was no more sun left. We were alone for the most part with only a few people at the lake for sunset. This helped so much with them feeling comfortable and having my speaker out didn’t bother anyone. Lakes in general are awesome for a more romantic feel to your session. When it comes to their session in particular, this lake seemed like an absolute no brainer but you can stay in Oklahoma City if you want and still have a couple of options for lakes nearby.

See their wedding gallery here.


January 29, 2022

Foss Lake Engagement Session




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