Anna & TJ were stopping by Oklahoma in between one of Anna’s nursing assignments in the winter. An engagement session at Little Sahara seemed like a must because she has been to some of the most beautiful places and I wanted to show one of our state parks that would look beautiful all year round. They planned on keeping it to one outfit and I helped her choose between some options she had for flowy dresses. Then depending on the one we chose, I helped her decided what TJ should wear to match best with her. We got beautiful weather and we weren’t freezing out there while shooting, making it a more comfortable experience on top of having the entire area to ourselves. Since we spent some time together before the shoot, it allowed them to become much more comfortable during it and it allowed for a more intimate and fun engagement session.

There were a few moments unprompted of them bringing out their silly side in the relationship. They got super comfortable and also showed tons of affection too!

We shot until the sun went completely down.. and then some more.

They decided to stick with one outfit each and stick with just this location for the entirety of the session.

If you’re wanting to have your engagement session in the winter time, don’t let the lack of scenery around the city stop you from going ahead and doing it. You can make your engagement session involve a little travel and go to Little Sahara. TJ was staying on base in Oklahoma but Anna wasn’t staying for long before her next assignment. So I took her to my favorite ramen restaurant after our shoot and we ended up spending the entire day together and becoming friends at the end of it all!

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January 27, 2022

Little Sahara Engagement Session




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