Why stay in the city when you can venture out to one, or two, of Oklahoma’s state parks!?

You dont! Instead you have an adventure engagement session!

Kirstin & Tyler decided to do a little bit of traveling for their engagement photos. We drove out to gloss mountain first to get some photos at the very top.

It was a difficult hike so it took us a while but we wasted no time once we got to the top and I started shooting right away.

It was still early in the afternoon so we played with lighting and got some harsh light shots.

They hiked back down the mountain and then changed in the car for the second part of the session. They wanted to get photos in two parks and Little Sahara is not too far from the first location.

The outfits were creams and whites, perfect for the location.

The bonus of going out to these travel locations is getting to be completely alone and more comfortable.

The benefit of going specifically to Little Sahara for your photoshoot is how open it is to be able to do more active prompts and get more poses and photos back.

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January 26, 2022

Oklahoma Adventure Engagement Session




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