10 year anniversary + engagement session.

This formal anniversary session took place at the Gaylord Pickens Museum. Museums have a very classy look to them and that is exactly the goal Tina wanted for the vibes of this shoot. Coincidentally, Juan proposed to Tina in front of a museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All the reasons for this to be the perfect spot. They have been together for 10 years so Tina wanted to get really formal for these photos. She was going for a bold and romantic look. She hit it on the nail! We stayed just outside the building in the front for most of the shoot getting all the angles and playing with some harsh light.

Juan wore a classic black suit that paired perfectly with both her red and black gown.

We then ended it by popping some champagne because I mean, it was a must. CHEERS TO TEN YEARS!

Just because you have up to 2 outfits for engagement sessions doesn’t mean you both have to change. She wanted to bring two dresses but Juan wore an outfit that matched perfect with not only the color but the vibes. This was a very formal anniversary session as well as their engagement session. They don’t take photos often so they were thinking, go big or go home! They also only wanted to do one location since there aren’t many other locations that can fit this same vibe.

See another session at the Gaylord Pickens Museum here.


January 25, 2022

Formal Anniversary Session



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  1. […] You can see another session at the Gaylord Pickens Museum here. […]