Interview with Hair and Makeup Artist, Adriana Velazquez.

I’ve teamed up with hair and makeup artist Adriana Velazquez in OKC to answer 10 things to know before booking bridal hair and makeup. As a bonus, she gives red flags to look out for and her biggest tip! She has done makeup professionally for 8+ years and hair as well for 5 years. She has been many of my brides hair and makeup artist I can guarantee that her looks are flawless and beautiful every time. Plus it also lasts ALL NIGHT! Below are some commonly asked questions that you might have that I asked her for this interview.

How do I choose the right bridal hair and makeup artist?

First, you need to find out what the style of bridal hair and makeup that you’re going for. You can start with a search on Pinterest and Instagram. You could also search for makeup artist in your city and don’t forget to check the hashtags. Look for your desired bridal looks in these artist’s portfolios. 

What if my best friend offers to do my makeup? She loves doing makeup and is good at it, should I just ask her?

Hiring someone who is an experienced professional and often does bridal hair and makeup is important as we know how to emphasize your features for pictures and especially for longevity. Professional makeup artists have a vast amount of shades for foundations and concealers and are able to color match you perfectly.

What does ‘glam’ and ‘soft glam’ mean? Which one should I pick for my wedding makeup?

Soft Glam is going to be a soft enhancement of your natural facial features suitable for day time looks. Full Glam would be more of a sultry look best suitable for night time. Most brides tend to go with a soft glam if they don’t wear makeup on the regular basis. A full glam is do the girls that love to wear makeup since it is a more bold makeup look.

What is the biggest tip BEFORE getting your hair and makeup done professionally? How should clients prepare?

Firstly, focus on hydrating your skin and removing unwanted facial hair. These two things are key for a flawless application.

I recommend to start Facials 4-6 months before the wedding to be sure skin is adjusted to any new products. Derma-planing is recommended to be done 1-2 weeks prior if you do it regularly but if you don’t do it regularly then 1-2 month before.

For Hair prep, I recommend to wash the night before but blow dry, do not add any product and do not sleep with wet hair the night before. Visit your hairdresser 2-3 months prior to the wedding. As far as the style/color, some low lights can make the hair style more elevated & give dimension.

I like to do my own makeup. Why not just purchase the makeup needed myself and do my own bridal hair and makeup for my wedding?

You’ve already done so much for your big day.. you deserve to get pampered on the days leading up to and especially on the day of!

What if you don’t like seeing yourself with makeup because you think you won’t “look like you?”

Being open and honest with your makeup artist about what you like and don’t like is so important! It will help them better understand the look you’re going for and be able to achieve it for you so that you feel confident and beautiful. Having a trial beforehand can also make you feel more confident in makeup when you don’t wear it often.

How important is a makeup trial before the big day? Do I have to do one?

Absolutely! I highly recommend a trial so that the day of runs smoothly and we can nail the look. I recommend we schedule it the day of your engagement or bridal photo session to make sure you like how the makeup and hair photographs.

I’m worried I’m going to cry my makeup off or my hair will fall out due to sweat or just everything going on that day… How do I make sure this doesn’t happen?

This is why hiring an experienced bridal makeup artist is important, we know which products work best for these things as they commonly happen on wedding days! If you hire a well vetted professional, you should have no worries about this!

Do I need to bring my own lashes to my makeup appointment or will my makeup artist have some extra?

Your makeup artist should provide all the products necessary, including a variety of styles for you to use. Of course unless you have a specific preference and/or you prefer to use your own, you’re welcome to but you don’t need to worry about it.

How do I know if a makeup artist has clean and sanitary practices?

Doing a trial run will allow you to be able to actually see their sanitization practices. You should also ask them what they do to make sure that your application is safe and clean. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, your safety is important and a good makeup artist won’t mind. They will want to ease your mind and make you feel comfortable in their chair.


• Doesn’t do trials 

• Doesn’t take constructive criticism well

• Uses product applicators directly on your face

• Takes more than 2 business days to reply 


You have to be open and honest with your makeup artist about what you like and don’t like to make sure they understand and can meet your expectations. 

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful and now know what you should know before booking bridal hair and makeup.

Why should you book Adriana for your bridal hair and makeup?

If you want makeup thats going to last, still looks like you, and make you feel confident and beautiful, you should book with Adriana. You can book an appointment with Adriana on her booking site here.


March 23, 2024

What to know before booking bridal hair and makeup




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