There are a few common reasons why people don’t want to have a first look. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

First, what is a first look?

A first look is when the couple first sees each other on the wedding day. It happens before the ceremony. So what’s the harm in that?

Some say it’s bad luck.

The old superstition is that if the groom saw the bride before walking down the aisle, it would be bad luck. But why is it bad luck? We have to go back to the days when arranged marriage was more common and was seen as a trade between families since that’s where it all started. The reason people back then thought it was back luck was because the brides father was worried that the groom wouldn’t find his daughter attractive. Therefore, cancelling the wedding.

It may ruin the special moment.

Saving the first look til you’re walking down the aisle makes it feel more special to some people. Having a first look may take away from such a special moment.

It may change the reaction

There is worry that if their partner sees them before walking down the aisle, they won’t cry or react in front of the guests.

Now let’s talk about why you should have a first look

Alone time

Having a first look is sometimes the only time you’re alone with your partner the whole day. Wedding days can get hectic but if you schedule time alone to see each other, you can soak in the moment and calm your nerves – together.

First looks can be helpful for the overall timeline

Especially in the seasons where we get early sunsets, having a first look can tremendously help fit everything in the timeline before the sun goes down. It allows the rest of the formal photos to get taken care of early and easier so you can get back to your guests sooner.

If they’re a crier, they will cry. Maybe even both times.

I’m not saying that if your partner doesn’t cry, it means that they love you any less. However, if they’re the type to cry, they will cry! I’ve seen it happen many times! When the music is playing, the guests stand, and you see your person walking down the aisle to you, it’ll hit different.

Knowing the pros and cons of a first look, would you have one?


November 17, 2022

bride and groom first look. first look point of view from above

Pros and cons of a first look




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